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Art should provoke thought, inspire, encourage, take you on a journey and silently speak to you. It should fulfill the needs one has in life whether for pure enjoyment, healing, an emotion you are hoping to achieve, nurturing an emotion that already exists within you or just because you like it in your space. I approach each piece of work with one major focus, happiness, whether you are trying to achieve it or are already in that space. Happiness translates to me through bright, vibrant colors. My modern, whimsical, sometimes abstract style allows for your imagination to decide what you see and feel. My lines tend to flow and blend rather than concise dimension. This gives you the illusion of being free with little restriction on the journey you want to take or be.

My work consists of Modern, Whimsical, Pop Art but you can catch a Portrait or Landscape out of me once every blue moon. I also love doing commissioned pieces and making others vision come to life! My medium is Acrylic and Mixed Media. I am heavily influenced by all things BRIGHT! I have been painting for over 20 years and discovered my passion and talent during Freshman year of High School when I took a Liberal Arts Class. My first work of Art was exhibited at the Cambell House Art Gallery in Geneva, Il. I am sharing with you my personal treasures that I am finally willing to set free! Enjoy!

~ Laura

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