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Erik Lindquist

It is hard for me to figure out when my love for metal working began. It may have been when I was a kid spending my summers hanging out at my friend’s father’s motorcycle shop or when I helped my father and grandfather fabricate a custom tent for a family party. It’s hard to pinpoint. I know one of the biggest factors was in 2002 when I turned on Discover channel and the television show “Motorcycle Mania” was on starring Jesse James. The way he manipulated metal while building that gas tanked had me hooked. Fast forward a few years, I found a guy on craigslist selling metal signs. I went to his shop and picked up a few pieces and was amazed with what can be cut using a CNC Plasma cutter.

In 2014 a good friend of mine opened his barber shop, I decided to get him a custom metal sign as his grand opening gift. When I reached out to the guy from craigslist to place an order, he had closed up shop. Right then and there I started doing my research on CNC plasma cutters. I purchased my first machine in the beginning of 2016, since then I have upgraded my machine and developed a website.‚Äč - https://www.southsidemetalworks.com/

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